England 2010


Jo Drake and Val Lambshead at the rear of Chartwell, Churchill's house.

Travelers at Chartwell

The Drakes and Lambsheads at Chartwell.


Lullingstone, a Roman headquarters expanded under Governor (and briefly Emperor) Pertinax in the 2nd century AD.


Battle (familiarly Hastings)--taken from the Saxon line across the field up which William's horsemen charged.

Battle Abbey

The interior of Battle Abbey, built under William the Conqueror in the 11th century and abandoned at the Dissolution under Henry VIII in the 16th. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Dymchurch seawall

Dave and John Lambshead on the seawall at Dymchurch.

Dr Syn B&B

The Dr Syn Bed and Breakfast in Dymchurch.

Eltham Palace Bridge

The moat (built by the Bishop of Durham ca 1300) and bridge (the piers date from Edward IV in the 15th century) at Eltham Palace.

Eltham Palace Gardens

A passage in the gardens at Eltham Palace.

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