Has there been any gaming interests in your books?

Yes, in several fashions.

Mayfair Games brought out a Hammer’s Slammers board game back in the ’80s.

Intracorps licensed electronic game rights to Hammer’s Slammers in the mid ’90s. They got seriously into development, but they were overextended and went bankrupt well before they completed the game. (They paid me part of the money. The business was frustrating in a number of respects, but I was paid well enough to justify the hassle.) 

In 2000 Mattel paid a bundle up front for electronic game rights to Hammer’s Slammers. So far as I know the game hasn’t gotten beyond the preliminary concept stage–but their check cleared.

And greatly to my surprise, the Hammer stories are important texts in British miniature wargaming circles. John Treadaway has created an official site of the Hammer’s Slammer’s Rules Systems Handbooks.

The club’s vehicles weren’t quite what I had in mind, but I worked with John Treadaway (the club’s webmaster) and John Lambshead, the British Museum’s expert in marine nematodes, to bring out a history and campaign book on Hammer’s Slammers for the miniature wargaming market. Ground Zero Games has done 25-mm and 15-mm miniature figures, and Old Crow has done combat vehicles in both scales. The book is out from Pireme Publications. This was a lot of fun.

Mongoose published a Hammer’s Slammers role-playing game, available June 2009. I’ve seen the material they’re creating and have been really amazed. The fellow who did the writing really understood the military and (I think) got the feel of the Hammer series. I’m delighted with the result.

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