Podcast Interviews

Podcast interviews:

Baen Free Radio Hour Podcast Series: Each interviewer has a thrust of his own, so these interviews aren’t auditory cookie-cutter productions, exactly….

Carolina Book Beat: Mark Van Name and Dave talk about Onward Drake!  Broadcast and recorded October 9, 2015 on WCOM 103.5 FM.

An interview with Dave at Conglomeration for a live radio broadcast on WRLR 98.3’s show TechTalk, April 12, 2014.

The Baen Free Radio Hour Fireside Chat with David Drake, Part 1: 24 December 2013 and Part 2: 3 January 2014 (linked in Previous Poscasts section)

The State of Things, WUNC 91.5 radio interview with Dave by Frank Stasio recorded Tuesday September 3, 2013, noon.

Carolina Book Beat, WCOM 103.5 FM radio interview with Dave by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, recorded Monday September 2, 2013, 10:00 a.m.

In episode 28 of the SF Signal Podcast, Fred Kiesche and Patrick Hester chat with Dave on February 14, 2011.

A new podcast interview is up at The Dragon Page July 12, 2010.

Rick Kleffel interviewed Dave at World Fantasy Con and has posted it at his Agony Column podcast site, February 8-9, 2010.

Matthew Peterson interviewed Dave for an episode of the radio show VoiceAmerica which aired January 7, 2010. The audio and text transcript are posted at The Author Hour.

Stephen Euin Cobb posted several chunks of interviews with Dave in his podcast series “The Future and You.”

*June 1, 2006: [2] David Drake on the surprising truth of what’s holding back the popularity of e-books. He also talks about his participation in the new online science fiction and fantasy magazine from Baen Books called: Jim Baen’s Universe.
*July 1, 2006: [6] David Drake on the weakness of science fiction as prediction and the accumulation of historical errors in popular culture.
*August 1, 2006: [6] David Drake who reads and translates ancient Latin for fun and relaxation, discusses lessons from antiquity; similarities between the USA and ancient Rome; and one of the host’s (Stephen Euin Cobb’s) favorite British miniseries: I Claudius. Stephen also asks David how he thinks the USA might meet its eventual and inevitable end. After all, someday the USA, like the Roman Empire, will no longer exist.
*September 1, 2006: [8] What are the changing trends and public perceptions of Motorcycles? Author David Drake aught to know, he’s been riding motorcycles instead of cars for over 30 years.
*April 1, 2007: [4] Are SF writers really trying to predict the future? Hugo Gernsback thought he was predicting, but were H.G. Wells or Jules Verne also trying to be predictors? Many people think so but David Drake says “No” and backs it with specific examples.
*March 11, 2009: Topics include: How blatantly morality and ethics must be depicted in fiction, and which self-appointed thought-police will jump on you if you do not toe-the-line. The unknown risks of the experiment now known as the, and Jim Baen’s other efforts to innovate within the publishing industry. David Drake also talks about: Rudyard Kipling; Project Gutenberg; Samuel Johnson, and his biographer James Boswell; as well as the power and value of online Search.
*March 18, 2009: Topics include: his opinion of the Amazon Kindle; his improving opinion of the future of electronic publishing; the collapse of the Borders Books Store chain, which occurred before the economic down turn; and why he urged Jim Baen into ask Eric Flint to be the first Editor-in-Chief of what has become the widely popular online magazine called Jim Baen’s Universe. Working with Newt Gingrich is also topic.

Balticon Podcast posted an interview with Dave August 14, 2007. Dave talks about writing full time, how he became a writer, how he stays sane, and his personal experiences in the Viet Nam War.

Mur Lafferty interviewed Dave “about writing, being A Writer, and how he became a writer and deals with criticism” for her blog “I Should be Writing 2.0” posted August 29, 2006. The unedited version is available here.

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