Like the Man Said

For my birthday in 1975, John Squires (who had been taking a bookbinding class) gave me a book bound in one of my fatigue shirts (that Jo had given him) and containing (as tearsheets) Ranks of Bronze, Arclight, Contact!, Something Had to be Done, Under the Hammer, and The Butcher’s Bill.  It was my first book in a manner of speaking, under the title Like the Man Said: War Stories. ‘The man’ being General Sherman.  There’s only one copy, making it a severely limited edition.

Like the Man Said

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What he did now was a dustjacket for it.  The front has an inset of the October 1974, Galaxy (my first cover; scanned rather than tipped in, a chance with the times).  On the back, the picture of me in Nam with an excerpt from Karl’s essay (originally for Fantasy Review in 1982 but lightly modified into an intro for From the Heart of Darkness).  Front flap is a Blackhorse patch (the US version) above a list of the stories and their provenance (there’s no ToC inside); the back flap is the picture of me and John at Misty’s reception with a description of the book itself.

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