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Newsletter #66

NEWSLETTER 66: January 5, 2012

Dear People,

Jeepers, a new year yet again. I hope you all–and all of us–have a good one.

I’m at work on the plot for my next Tor fantasy, which at the moment I’m calling Demons from the Earth. By ‘working’ I mean that I have detailed (though not polished) scene-by-scene descriptions of the first five chapters (I hope more by the time you read this) as well as a pile of more or less organized material sufficient to fill the remaining two-thirds of the plot. I’ve got some 3K words at the moment.

I’ll polish the plot after I complete it; then I’ll write the book. Nothing is certain (after all, Elijah on good authority was translated directly to heaven without passing through death), but at this point I’d say that completing the novel is just a matter of time. (And a lot of work, of course, but I’ve never minded work.) continue reading…

Authorized (they pay me royalties) electronic copies of my books (including Tor titles) are available at Baen Ebooks (http://www.BaenEbooks.com)Baen’s Bar has two discussion areas where you can get more information about e-book formats for various readers:  Webscriptions EBooks and EBook Reader.

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