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Newsletter #65

NEWSLETTER 65: November 7, 2011

Dear People,

I’ve finished the plot for Into the Maelstrom, which will be the sequel to Into the Hinterlands when John Lambshead writes it next year. (Next year isn’t nearly as far away as I think it ought to be.)

The series is a space opera based on the life of George Washington. Hinterlands took him through the French and Indian War (as it was in North America). Maelstrom picks up fifteen years later with the events leading up to the Revolutionary War and runs through the Battle of Trenton. continue reading…

Into the Hinterlands

Hinterlands Final Cover

Cover art: Bob Eggleton

Baen Books has posted a Teacher’s Guide for Into the Hinterlands.

Into the Hinterlands–the first book in The Citizen Series– is a space opera built around cultural situations very similar to those obtained during the youth of George Washington. John Lambshead developed the plot from my outline with a great deal of interchange between us.

The odd thing about Hinterlands is that while it’s a space opera with a plot as intricate as that of, say, Northworld, it’s also hard SF. I hadn’t expected, let alone intended, that to be the case, but John is a world-class molecular biologist. That became implicit in the work.  continue reading…