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What Distant Deeps

I’ll start out with what in my days as a lawyer we would call boilerplate: I use both English and Metric weights and measures in the RCN series to suggest the range of diversity which I believe would exist in … Continue reading

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In the Stormy Red Sky

I learned with the first book of the RCN series, With the Lightnings, that I have to explain that I use English and Metric weights and measures as a convenience to readers, not because I think the same systems will … Continue reading

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When the Tide Rises

The genesis of my RCN novels was Patrick O’Brian’s wonderful Aubrey/Maturin series, set during and after the Napoleonic Wars. It therefore won’t surprise many of you to find a number of plot points common to O’Brian’s last novels and When … Continue reading

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The Way to Glory

The general political background of the RCN series is that of Europe in the mid-18th century, with admixtures of late-Republican Rome. (There’s a surprising degree of congruence between British and Roman society in those periods.) Major plot elements in The … Continue reading

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