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Newsletter #92

NEWSLETTER #92: June 8, 2016 Dear People, This is a trifle late and will probably be short, for the same reason in both cases: my wife and I just got back from two weeks in Greece. That’s the big news … Continue reading

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Death’s Bright Day

This is the Steve Hickman cover painting for DEATH’S BRIGHT DAY, the 11th RCN space opera. I’ve really liked the feel of Steve’s work for this series, and I particularly like this one. I’m very fortunate in my cover art. … Continue reading

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Lt. Leary Commanding

I’m using English and Metric weights and measures throughout Lt. Leary Commanding, as I did in With the Lightnings.  I wouldn’t bother mentioning this, but the decision seems to concern some people.  I’m doing it for the same reason that … Continue reading

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With the Lightnings

The question I’m most often asked about WITH THE LIGHTNINGS is, ‘Who the hell is Cassian’? Cassian is a mistake; or rather, a series of mistakes. I used ‘Leary Daniels’ as the name of the hero of my untitled novel … Continue reading

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