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Newsletter #92

NEWSLETTER #92: June 8, 2016 Dear People, This is a trifle late and will probably be short, for the same reason in both cases: my wife and I just got back from two weeks in Greece. That’s the big news … Continue reading

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Death’s Bright Day

This is the Steve Hickman cover painting for DEATH’S BRIGHT DAY, the 11th RCN space opera. I’ve really liked the feel of Steve’s work for this series, and I particularly like this one. I’m very fortunate in my cover art. … Continue reading

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Some Golden Harbor

I’ve based the setting of Some Golden Harbor on political and military events taking place during the early 5th century BC in Southern Italy (Aricia, Cumae, and the Etruscan federation). All right, that’s a little obscure even for me, but … Continue reading

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Lt. Leary Commanding

I’m using English and Metric weights and measures throughout Lt. Leary Commanding, as I did in With the Lightnings.  I wouldn’t bother mentioning this, but the decision seems to concern some people.  I’m doing it for the same reason that … Continue reading

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With the Lightnings

The question I’m most often asked about WITH THE LIGHTNINGS is, ‘Who the hell is Cassian’? Cassian is a mistake; or rather, a series of mistakes. I used ‘Leary Daniels’ as the name of the hero of my untitled novel … Continue reading

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