Hammer’s Slammers Wargaming Handbooks

Hammer’s Slammers Handbooks


In 2010 Pireme Publishing launched the definitive guide to wargaming the characters and actions in David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers books. Hammer’s Slammers – The Crucible contains:

• A unique Slammers story introduction by David Drake • Character History and Background • Vehicle and Weapon Designs and Technical Specifications • Full Profiles of the Slammers, other mercenary units and aliens • Easy to Play Rules and Scenarios • Unit Cards • Painting Guide by Kevin Dallimore • A4 Hardback format • Full colour throughout

Featured in Miniature Wargames Magazine, Issue 325

The Official Website of the Hammer’s Slammers and Hammer’s Anvil Rules System Handbooks gives complete information about a set of Hammer’s Slammers wargaming handbooks published by Pireme Publishing, written by John Treadaway and John Lambshead, and approved by David Drake.

Hammer's Slammers Handbook 1

Hammer's Anvils

HS Starter Pack

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