Short Fiction – Chronological List

DenkirchDenkirch, Travellers by Night (anth), 1967
Lord of the Depths, Dark Things (anth), 1971
Arclight, F&SF, April, 1973
The Song of the Bone, Whispers (mag), December, 1973
The Shortest Way, Whispers (mag), March, 1974
Killer (with Karl Edward Wagner), Midnight Sun, #1, 1974
Contact!, Analog, October, 1974
Under the Hammer, Galaxy, October, 1974
The Butcher’s Bill, Galaxy, November, 1974
Something Had to be Done, F&SF, February, 1975
The Master of Demons, Dark Horizons, #11 Winter/Spring, 1975
Ranks of Bronze, Galaxy, August, 1975
Dragons’ Teeth, Midnight Sun, #2 Summer/Fall, 1975
But Loyal to His Own, Galaxy, October, 1975
The Barrow Troll, Whispers (mag), December, 1975
Awakening, Nameless Places (anth), 1975
Black Iron, Nameless Places (anth), 1975
Firefight, Frights (anth), 1976
Blood Debt, The 4th Mayflower Book of Black Magic Stories (anth), 1976
The Hunting Ground, Superhorror (anth), 1976
From the Dark Waters, Waves of Terror (anth), 1976
Children of the Forest, F&SF, November, 1976
Nation without Walls, Analog, July, 1977
The Last Battalion, Analog, September, 1977
Smokie Joe, More Devil’s Kisses (anth), 1977
Nemesis Place, Fantastic, April, 1978
The Mantichore, Swords Against Darkness III (anth), 1978
Caught in the Crossfire, Chrysalis 2 (anth), 1978
Best of Luck, The Year’s Best Horror Stories: Series VI  (original to the anthology), 1978
Cultural Conflict, Destinies VI, #2, Jan/Feb 1979
Hangman, Hammer’s Slammers (original to the collection), 1979
Standing Down, Hammer’s Slammers (original to the collection), 1979
Backdrop to Chaos, Hammer’s Slammers (original to the collection), 1979
The Bonding Authority, Hammer’s Slammers (original to the collection), 1979
The Church of the Lord’s Universe, Hammer’s Slammers (original to the collection), 1979
Powerguns, Hammer’s Slammers (original to the collection), 1979
Supertanks, Hammer’s Slammers (original to the collection), 1979
Table of Organization and Equipment, Hammer’s Regiment,
Hammer’s Slammers (original to the collection), 1979
The Red Leer, Whispers II (anth), 1979
The Predators, Destinies VI, #5, Oct/Dec 1979
Underground, Destinies VII, #1, Feb/Mar 1980
Men Like Us, Omni, May, 1980
Than Curse the Darkness, New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (anth), 1980
Goddess, Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn (anth), 1980
The Automatic Rifleman, Destinies VII, #4, Fall 1980
Travellers, Destinies VIII, #1, Winter 1981
Time Safari, Destinies VIII, #2, 1981
King Crocodile, Whispers III (anth), 1981
Calibration Run, Time Safari (original to the collection), 1982
Boundary Layer, Time Safari (original to the collection), 1982
The Dancer in the Flames, Whispers (mag), August, 1982
Code-Name Feirefitz, Men of War II (anth), 1983
Votary, The Face of Chaos (anth), 1983
Out of Africa, From the Heart of Darkness (anth), 1983
Dreams in Amber, Whispers V (anth), 1984
The Bond, Far Frontiers, Fall, 1985
The Interrogation Team, At Any Price (Coll), 1985
The Guardroom, Afterwar (anth), 1985
The Hand of Providence
, Heroes in Hell (anth), 1986
‘Cause I Served My Time in Hell, Rebels in Hell (anth), 1986
Ranks of Bronze (novel excerpt), Far Frontiers, Spring, 1986
The Tank Lords, Far Frontiers, Winter, 1986
The Great Beer Shortage (by Janet Morris), Far Frontiers, Winter 1986 [note: though I am listed as co-author of this story because of Janet’s personal reasons, I had nothing to do with the writing nor was I paid for the use of my name]
The Fool, Whispers VI (anth), 1987
Hog, Southern Fantasy (anth.), 1987.
Springs Eternal, Crusaders in Hell (anth), 1987
Learning Curve, Angels in Hell (anth), 1987
The Bull, Whispers (mag), 1987
Liberty Port, Free Lancers (anth), 1987
Inheritor, Aftermath (anth), 1987
Safe to Sea, Spacefighters (anth), 1988
Bargain, Masters in Hell (anth), 1988
Wisdom, War in Hell (anth), 1988
Rescue Mission, The Fleet (anth), 1988
When the Devil Drives, Counter Attack (anth), 1988
Exile, Prophets in Hell (anth), 1989
The Murder of Halley’s Comet (with Larry Niven), Break Through (anth), 1989
Team Effort, Break Through (anth), 1989
The End of the Hunt, New Destinies VVIII, 1989
The False Prophet, Vettius and Friends, 1989
Mom and the Kids (with Larry Niven), Sworn Allies (anth), 1990
The End, Sworn Allies (anth), 1990
Elfin Pipes of Northworld, NYRSF, 1990
Smash and Grab, Total War (anth), 1990
Band of Brothers, The Far Stars War (anth), 1990
The Enchanted Bunny, (with The Undesired Princess by L. Sprague de Camp), 1990
Mission Accomplished, Crisis (anth), 1991
The Gold, Old Nathan (coll), 1991
The Bullhead, Old Nathan (coll), 1991
The Way We Die, The Military Dimension (coll), 1991
The Box, Old Nathan (coll), 1991
Facing the Enemy, Battlestation (anth), 1992
Justice (novel excerpt), Amazing, June, 1992
Failure Mode, Battlestation: Vanguard (anth), 1993
King Tyrant Lizard, Tyrannosaur, 1993.
The Noble Savages, Blood and War (anth), 1993
As Our Strength Lessens, Honor of the Regiment (anth), 1993
The Sharp End (novel excerpt), Amazing, October, 1993
Cannibal Plants from Heck, Alien Pregnant by Elvis (anth), 1994
Airborne All the Way, Tapestries (anth), 1995
A Very Offensive Weapon, Forever After (anth), 1995
The Land toward Sunset, Cormac Mac Art (anth), 1995
Tigers of the Sea (completion of a Robert E. Howard story), Cormac Mac Art (anth), 1995
To Bring the Light, (with Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague de Camp), 1996
Night March, The Tank Lords (anth), 1997
The Waiting Bullet, Weirdbook 30, 1997
A Grand Tour, More Than Honor (anth), 1998
The Immovable Object, Caught in the Crossfire, 1998
The Irresistable Force, The Butcher’s Bill (anth), 1998
With the Sword He Must Be Slain, Armageddon (anth), 1998
Dragon, the Book, Catfantastic V (anth), 1999
The Tradesmen, Drakas! (anth), 2000
Lambs to the Slaughter, Foreign Legions (anth), 2001
Choosing Sides, Masters of War (anth), 2002
Neck or Nothing, Paying the Piper, 2002
The Political Process, Paying the Piper, 2002
Codex, Sidecar Preservation Society, 2003
Coming Up Against It, Grimmer than Hell(original to the collection) 2003
The Elf House, Masters of Fantasy (anth) 2004
A Land of Romance, The Enchanter Completed (anth), 2005
A Death in Peacetime, Oceans of the Mind, 2005
The Day of Glory, Elemental (anth), 2006
The Darkness, Jim Baen’s Universe, 2006
Bedding, Shadows of the New Sun: Stories in Honor of Gene Wolfe, 2013
The Virgin of Hertogenbosch, Free Short Stories 2013 (online anth), 2013
The Great Wizard, Cabbage, Onward, Drake! 2015
Save What You Can, Onward, Drake! 2015
Cadet Cruise,, 2016.
Up From Hell,, 2016.
Superweapon, Star Destroyers (anth), Baen, 2018.
Midshipman,, 2018

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