All the Way to the Gallows

All the Way to the Gallows

This is a collection of my humorous SF and fantasy. To my delight it sold very well. There’s really a lot of humor in my other fiction, but it tends to get lost in the other things that are going on in the story.

Quite apart from being funny, Airborne All the Way! and A Very Offensive Weapon are two of the handful of best stories I’ve written. Roger Zelazny created the milieu and heroine of the latter, and directed me as to how the story was to develop; I used his novelet The Furies as a model for my writing. In fact Roger had more to do with the story than Larry Niven did with Mom and the Kids.


  • Introduction: Why Gallows Humor?
  • The Enchanted Bunny
  • The Noble Savages
  • Airborne All the Way!
  • Cannibal Plants from Heck
  • The Bond
  • Mom and the Kids (with Larry Niven)
  • The Bullhead
  • A Very Offensive Weapon

Dave Drake

All the Way to the Gallows. 1996, Riverdale, NY: Baen. 293 p. 0671877534 (pb). $5.99.

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