Time Safari and Tyrannosaur

Time Safari

Contents of TIME SAFARI

  • Calibration Run
  • Time Safari
  • Boundary Layer
  • Afterword: The Sixty-Five Million Years Afterword

In 1993 Tom Doherty got the notion of reissuing this volume with a new story containing elements which he specified to replace Calibration Run, under the new title TYRANNOSAUR. He hoped to cash in marketing for Jurassic Park.

The contents of TYRANNOSAUR are:

  • TyrannosaurKing Tyrant Lizard
  • Time Safari
  • Boundary Layer

I had a good time researching all the parts of the book, but from a commercial standpoint it was a bad idea on all counts. Still, it was turning in TIME SAFARI, on time and to specifications, to Jim and Tom that convinced them to try me for a project they had in mind; for which see Skyripper.

Dave Drake

Time Safari. 1982, New York, NY: Tor. 278 p. 0523485417. $2.75.
————– 1989, Riverdale, NY: Baen. 258 p. 0671698125 (pb). $3.50.
Tyrannosaur. 1993, New York, NY: Tor. 220 p. 0812535308. $4.99. (Part I and II of this novel were published in somewhat different form in Time Safari. 1982, New York, NY: Tor.)

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