Belisarius Series

Eric Flint wrote these books from Dave’s plot outlines:

An Oblique Approach. 1998,  Baen.
In the Heart of Darkness.  1998, Baen.
Destiny’s Shield.  1999, Baen.
Fortune’s Stroke.  2000, Baen.
The Tide of Victory. . 2001, Baen.
The Dance of Time
.  2006, Baen. 

Belisarius I: Thunder at Dawn. 2008,  Baen.  Contains An Oblique Approach and In the Heart of Darkness.
Belisarius II: Storm at Noontide. 2009, Baen.  Contains Destiny’s Shield and Fortune’s Stroke.
Belisarius III: The Flames of Sunset. 2009, Baen.  Contains The Tide of Victory and The Dance of Time.

Thunder at Dawn

Cover art: Kurt Miller

Storm at Noontide

Cover art: Kurt Miller

The Flames of Sunset

Cover art: Kurt Miller

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