About John Lambshead

John Lambshead is joint author with Dave of The Citizen Series from Baen Books.

When John Lambshead was fourteen, he helped his mother carry lunch to the firemen spreading dispersants so that oil from the tanker Torrey Canyon did not coat the beaches of Newquay, Cornwall. When he was fifteen, he watched green algae coat those same beaches, because the dispersant had killed the sea life which normally controlled algae.

John took his bachelor’s degree in Biology at Brunel University and his doctorate at the British Museum of Natural History. When he retired thirty-three years later, he had represented the Royal Society, the United Nations, and other learned bodies at international conferences on marine biodiversity.

John has designed both computer and miniature games, and sold many short stories and also one previous novel.  He lives in the Medway Towns.

Dave and John

Dave and John Lambshead, joint authors of The Citizen Series from Baen. Photo by Jo Drake.

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