The General Series (Raj Whitehall)

Various writers–Steve Stirling, Eric Flint, and Tony Daniel–developed the novels from Dave’s outlines.

The General series began with The Forge in 1991 and has now reached ten volumes. Using the life of the Byzantine general Belisarius as my matrix, I plotted a series of (originally) four books set in a world which has recovered to roughly the technological level of the 19th century after the galactic civilization collapsed.

Because the series (developed from my plots by Steve Stirling) was so successful, I did additional plots and the original books were kept in print.

–Dave Drake

The General Series:

The Forge The Hammer The Anvil
The Steel The Sword

The Forge. With S. M. Stirling. 1991, Baen.
The Hammer. With S. M. Stirling. 1992, Baen.
The Anvil. 1993, With S. M. Stirling. Baen.
The Steel. With S. M. Stirling. 1993, Baen.
The Sword. With S. M. Stirling. 1995, Baen.

The General “Follow-On” Series:

The Chosen The Reformer The Tyrant

The Chosen. With S. M. Stirling. 1996, Baen.
The Reformer. With S. M. Stirling. 1999, Baen.
The Tyrant. With Eric Flint. 2002, Baen.

The Heretic The Savior

The Heretic. With Tony Daniel. 2013, Baen.
The Savior. With Tony Daniel. 2014, Baen.


Warlord Conqueror

Warlord. With S. M. Stirling. 2003, Baen.  Contains The Forge and The Hammer.
. With S. M. Stirling. 2003, Baen. Contains The Anvil, The Steel and The Sword.

Hope Reborn Hope Rearmed Hope Renewed

Hope ReformedHope Reborn (March 2013), Baen. Contains The Forge and The Hammer.
Hope Rearmed (March 2014), Baen. Contains The Anvil and The Steel.
Hope Renewed (July 2014), Baen. Contains The Sword and The Chosen.
Hope Reformed (November 2014), Baen, Contains The Reformer and The Tyrant.

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