Novel Plot Outlines

Updated February 2014

Dave wrote detailed plot outlines (5,000-15,000 words) plots for other writers to develop into novels. As Dave says, “They did the real work of developing the outline into a novel. I don’t consider my involvement to be that of a real co-author, but my name goes on the cover, so we’ll list them here.” These include:

The Crisis of Empire Series:

An Honorable Defense. With Thomas T. Thomas, 1988,  Baen.
Cluster Command. With W. C. Dietz. 1989, Baen.
The War Machine. With Roger MacBride Allen. 1989, Baen.
Crown of Empire. With Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. 1994, Baen.

The General Series:

The Forge. With S. M. Stirling. 1991, Baen.
The Hammer. With S. M. Stirling. 1992, Baen.
The Anvil. 1993, With S. M. Stirling. Baen.
The Steel. With S. M. Stirling. 1993, Baen.
The Sword. With S. M. Stirling. 1995, Baen.
The Chosen. With S. M. Stirling. 1996, Baen.
The Reformer. With S. M. Stirling. 1999, Baen.
The Tyrant. With Eric Flint. 2002, Baen.
The Heretic. With Tony Daniel. 2013, Baen.
The Savior. With Tony Daniel. 2014, Baen.

Warlord. With S. M. Stirling. 2003, Baen.  Contains The Forge and The Hammer.
. With S. M. Stirling. 2003, Baen. Contains The Anvil, The Steel and The Sword.

Hope Reborn (March 2013), Baen. Contains The Forge and The Hammer.
Hope Rearmed (March 2014), Baen. Contains The Anvil and The Steel.
Hope Renewed (July 2014), Baen. Contains The Sword and The Chosen.
Hope Reformed (November 2014), Baen, Contains The Reformer and The Tyrant.

The Belisarius Series:

An Oblique Approach. With Eric Flint. 1998,  Baen.
In the Heart of Darkness. With Eric Flint. 1998, Baen.
Destiny’s Shield. With Eric Flint. 1999, Baen.
Fortune’s Stroke. With Eric Flint. 2000, Baen.
The Tide of Victory. With Eric Flint. 2001, Baen.
The Dance of Time
. With Eric Flint. 2006, Baen.

Belisarius I: Thunder at Dawn. With Eric Flint. 2008,  Baen.  Contains An Oblique Approach and In the Heart of Darkness.
Belisarius II: Storm at Noontide. With Eric Flint. 2009, Baen.  Contains Destiny’s Shield and Fortune’s Stroke.
Belisarius III: The Flames of Sunset. With Eric Flint. 2009, Baen.  Contains The Tide of Victory and The Dance of Time.

Terra Nova Series:

Enemy of My Enemy. With Ben Ohlander. 1995,  Baen.

The Citizen Series:

Into the Hinterlands. With John Lambshead. 2011, Baen.
Into the Maelstrom. With John Lambshead. 2015, Baen.

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